WUD KRK 2015

On 28th of November I had the opportunity to visit World Usability Day in Krakow. Conference took place in Galicia Jewish Museum. It was the last in the series of meetings in Poland. WUD events are occasions to discuss and meet with professionals focused on user experience and usability.

Moving WUD KRK  conference from University of Technology to Galicia Museum was a really good choice. Located in former furniture factory, museum has a great post industrial interior. Main exhibition hall suited for the WUD KRK lectures well. Bookshop and Cafe were places where we could fuel our rockets. By the way – I really liked astronautics and space travel as main motives. It all smartly referred to the conference watchword – „Innovation”.

Lectures were focused mainly on UX, research methods and new technologies. I find a few of them especially interesting!


„Short lesson of Proximity User Experience” by Marcin Kasz

Have you ever heard about beacons? I have not and Marcin’s speech enlightened me. Technology was introduced by Apple in February 2013 and since then it is becoming more and more popular, gradually replacing NFC. Beacons are small devices which use Bluetooth Smart to broadcast their identifier to a nearby smartphones or tablets. They constantly transmit signal which received by dedicated application allows to contact with users’ smartphone. Marcin gave us a few interesting examples of apps working with beacons such as Howler or Rockbot. He also showed us how using of this technology can increase conversion of your services. There’s no doubt that this lecture opened my eyes to many new possibilities.

WUD KRK 2015 01

„What’s the Brand Interaction Design?” by Joanna Zabawa

Design Thinking is widely known as a good methodology for designers. During the speech, Asia, presented us with the new way of thinking about process of making design. Brand Interaction Design, developed by Marco Spies, is based on the rule of the 5 “D”. It combines brand’s strategy with user experience design methods. Discover, define, design, deliver and distribute! Asia led us through all the steps thoroughly, showing pros and cons of Brand Interaction Design. I found this lecture very inspiring. Hope to meet Asia soon again!

WUD KRK 2015 02

“Foodtrack research” by Maciej Płonka

What do french fries and UX have in common? It turns out that quite a lot. Simple fast food can be the tastiest one, just as the simplest methods of analysing often turn out to be the best. Great talk by Maciek was an introduction to the UX research methods. It gave the audience a good recipe for effective and well-working target analysis. For me, it was really interesting to be able to see how these methods work through the examples of specific projects.

To sum up, WUD KRK is certainly worth visiting. Good organization, interesting lectures and unique Kazimierz’s atmosphere make me wait fot the next year and next WUD space travels.




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