TYPO Berlin 2016

TYPO Berlin is a graphic design conference organized annually since 1995. With around 1,500 participants it’s one of the biggest design meetings in Europe. Since 2011, TYPO also takes place regularly in San Francisco and London. Initially TYPO Talks have been focusing strongly on typography but over the years its subject area has expanded into graphic design, digital media, advertising, technology, culture, entertainment and business. More than 60 speakers lecturing on five stages, workshops and panels – all of it creates event gathering professionals from all over the world.

This year TYPO’s main topic was “Beyond design”. Spotlight was put on strategy of responsible design and designing of the future. For 3 days, between 12 – 15th May, we had chance to listen such personas like Jonathan Barnbrook, Gerhard Pfau and Tobias Frere-Jones. During TYPO lectures we could learn about fonts legibility, new approaches to design thinking, mechanics of reading, akrofont alphabet but also what hip hop and design have in common, why Italian design is one of a kind and why it’s worth to open Design Mobile Agency.

Invited guests was representative of top world agencies or trending freelancers with awesome experience. I only wish lectures in German were better translated, Unfortunately sometimes a few sentences were missed and it made understanding of speaker much harder.  Beside this inconvenience TYPO’s organization were at the highest level.  Schedule, networking time and after-party were planned great, also localization – House of World Cultures – a classic example of modern architecture – was perfect place for event like this. WUNDERBAR, 10/10 :)


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Olka Fiszbak
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