Types of logos and which one should you choose

Logo is a face of a company. That’s why it’s so important to design or choose it carefully. There are many types of logos and matching it to the company’s profile is crucial. We present you 4 basic types of logos so you can be more aware of your company’s branding.


Wordmark is a font-based logo. It features a uniquely-stylized company name. The most important thing to remember when designing a wordmark logo is to match font style to company’s personality.

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Lettermark logos use brand initials to create short and memorable logo. They are usually used when the company’s name is very long or difficult to pronounce or remember.

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Using only symbol is a common practice for well-known brands. Despite the fact, that name is not shown on the logo, most people will find it easy to match it to your brand. Be careful and use this kind of solution only if you are sure about your brand recognition.

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Emblem logo is more traditional approach. By using typography, badges and icons joined together, emblem is usually the most complicated and detailed design. It’s important to keep it as simple as possible to make sure it’s replicable in all desired materials.

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Combination of the above

Some logos seem not to fit into any of the above categories. Designers often mix different types to make something different. The most common mixed type seems to be symbol connected with wordmark. It’s a great solution for people who would like to have symbolic logo, but their brand is not recognizable enough.

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Match your style!

No matter which one type of logo you decide to choose, remember to make sure it matches your brand identity and style. You have only one opportunity to make first impression on your clients, so do it good!


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