TOP 10 of PrimeModule’s Dribbble Page

We have been on Dribbble since 31 December 2014 and created more than 70 shots. We managed to get over 1000 followers and reach #1 position in Łódź, Poland. Here are our selected Top 10 shots from PrimeModule’s Dribbble page.


#10 PrimeBike Icon



This icon will be used on our new website. Each team member will be represented by hobby-related icon. Some of our emloyees love biking!

–>Are you curious how we do circle based icons? Look at our tutorial or learn about how icons were changing during last 15 years.<–


#9 Cafo Landing Page


Cafo Landing Page

Landing page for a coffee manufacturer, made for fun. Full of subtle details referring to coffee.



#8 Welcome Dribbble


Welcome Dribbble

Our debut shot, which happened to become a great hit. Animated Dribbble ball factory to say hello to our Dribbble friends.



#7 Wilderness Landing Page



Neat and clean landing page for non-existing company producing survival equipment.



#6 Desert Temple


Desert Temple

An illustration of a desert with a hot air balloon and a big temple on the horizon. Created for a mobile game The Biking Dead.



#5 Sunset Hills


Sunset Hills

Another piece made for The Biking Dead mobile game. This time it’s set in mountain forest during sunset.



#4 Smart Watch


Smart Watch

Smart watch concept idea. Unusual way to remind user of upcoming events.



#3 Burger Bull Logo


Burger Bull Logo

Simple logo for Burger Restaurant. Bull’s horns make it look unique.



#2 Skiing Stats Application


Skiing Stats App

An application designed for winter sports lovers. It tracks various activities while you enjoy your skiing trip.



#1 Wild West


Wild West

Undoubtedly our number one. Highly-detailed illustration of a quiet evening in a wild west town.


Thank you for being with us. Necessarily pay our Dribbble page a visit and decide which one is your favourite one.



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Bartosz Kapka
Graphic designer at PrimeModule
I am an up-to-date creative designer with many interests. I combine technical and artistic skills to provide high quality designs, including: UI/UX, Branding, Illustration and Motion graphics.

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