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Nowadays web is more and more focused on motion design. It is hard to find a website without even the simplest animations. Animations are now part of the web. As we try to imitate real-life experience in digital world, motion design have become an integral part of it.


Have you ever wondered what makes animations smooth and fluid? It’s called easing. This makes movement look natural and organic. Let’s take a look on how does Easy Ease movement compare to a regular one. Also I will tell you how to achieve this great effect in After Effects.





Sliders animation

Sliders movement comparison


Green slider uses Easy Ease method, while the red one uses regular in-out movement. Because of smooth acceleration and slowing down, green slider seems to be quicker than the red one. Even though animation time is equal in both cases, Easy Ease method makes movement more interesting and pleasurable to watch.

Movement types comparison graphs

Movement types comparison graphs



How to do it?


Creating smooth movement in After Effects is easier than it seems.

1. First, we need an object to animate in AE.

Creating an object in After Effects

2.  Then we move the object across the desired path.

Moving across path in After Effects

3.  We mark the movement keyframes, right-click on them and select Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease (or press F9).

Easy Ease Option in After Effects

4.  We have a brand new movement for our object!

Additionally, we can adjust it a little bit by right-clicking on keyframe and selecting Keyframe Velocity. A pop-up window will appear, where we can set some properties like Incoming and Outgoing velocity, along with its influence on our movement.

Keyframe Velocity in After Effects

Keyframe velocity pop-up in After Effects

Use it with ease!


As you can see applying smooth movement using Easy Ease method in Adobe After Effects is really quick and simple. And what’s more important, it makes movement of our objects looks a lot better.



Examples that amaze


Here’s a little showcase on what can be done using Easy Ease technique:

Dribble Welcome Animation

Cafo Animation

Icons Animation

Paper plane loader

Circular loader animation


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