Running responsible business, Młodzi w Łodzi programme

Working in fast paced environment (with quality oriented clients) taught us that we also have to think and care about our environment, community, surroundings. That is why we are eager to make PrimeModule the responsible business since its founding. Things in which we engage ourselves to includes: collaborating to open source, organizing lectures and workshops, attending conferences or helping young entrepreneurs.


Taking active part in open source community for most of you is understandable (we can get some extra recognition, meet new people from our branch which sometimes results in new clients and contracts).

Organizing lectures for our local students, taking part in local events and contests, summer internships – putting our effort to those things and our motives might not be so obvious.

You may ask why is that? They are not our clients, the aren’t even our target group. We have no business interests in them. I will answer this question later. Now I’d like to tell you a little bit more about some great local idea which is worth spreading.



Mlodzi w Lodzi programme


Mlodzi w Lodzi programme was created in order to encourage and help young people to grow their careers in Lodz. It is also one of PR related activities to underline that it is great to live and work here.

Currently Mlodzi w Lodzi runs a lot of great initiatives (with the help from local businesses) such as:

  • Summer paid internships program
  • Free workshops and courses
  • Discount card for Lodz based services
  • One year free apartment contest
  • I have an idea for business contest (where you can win up to 20k PLN)
  • Many interesting events where you can have fun and learn
  • Visits in Lodz based companies where you can see and learn how working in your dream industry looks like.

I had chance to speak with one of the managers responsible for Mlodzi w Lodzi. According to conversation they are really doing great work and the numbers (of people staying in Lodz) are rapidly growing.



Our initiatives


We take part in some of the mentioned initiatives. We actively organize workshops and courses with Mlodzi w Lodzi help. We have paid summer internships programme. We are one of the sponsors in “I have an idea for business” contest. All those activities are crucial for young people, taking their first steps in career. We want to be perceived as responsible business. We want to show them that our industry is really fun, interesting and rewarding. It is our responsibility to create top notch co-workers and to push the industry to its limits in order to develop and create extraordinary things. If you are not improving then you are moving backwards. And with regard to constantly improve as a company we need young creatives with different approach to ours but still with proper fundamentals.

responsible business planning


Why do we care about locals?


It is all about mutual interests and coexistence. We need each other. Running responsible business is crucial both for us and for students. Unfortunately our high schools are not up to date with companies requirements. Business owners should be aware of that and it is in their best interests to help students. It can give you a lot of great opportunities.

First of all you are building very positive image. Your company is not just some random business. You start to be perceived as those cool guys that are doing wild things and still helping others. For your business it results in better job applicants. But what is more important you are making some real connections with possible future company owners, politicians, city president’s, media guys. Have in mind that all those students will soon be part of other businesses. And believe me, they will remember how you treated them when they were on the beginning of their careers. They will remember that your company cared about their future and gave them some real value during workshops, conferences, or during internship.

I know that nowadays world is all about tables, prospects and data. But bottom-line human handling, emotions, and connecting with others are things that differentiate your business.



Last words


So on the finish I encourage you to take part in those kind of actions. It is great time investment for both companies and students. Participate and be part of a local community.

I also encourage you to follow our facebook and to be up to date with our activities. Soon we are going to post about our summer internships, “I have an idea for business” contest and others. So stay tuned.

Below you can find some links to our facebook where we post about our initiatives and to Mlodzi w Lodzi programme:




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