Quick thoughts on DevFest Poland 2015 by Google Developers Group

On 28th of November GDG Warsaw organized polish DevFest. Whole event was located in Iluzjon Cinema in Warsaw. This was a great choice – two conference rooms and well communicated location was a promise of a nice event.

GDG DevFests are large, community-run events that can offer speaker sessions across multiple product areas, all-day hack-a-thons, code labs, and more. What is interesting that they are not officially organized by Google. Those are local independently held events speaking about Google technologies.

Due to two conference rooms, there were two talks at the same time so you had to pick one. In my opinion that was a good decision – everyone could find something interesting for them and also it was a possibility to interest bigger group of people about the event. In the following paragraphs I will outline some of the talks I’ve attended.



Some of the talks


“Marketing for developres – TL;DR version” by Sylwester Madej from outline

Sylwester speech was not so technical and in my opinion it was a great DevFest15 start. He gave us a lot of tips, advices and tools which can help us market the new product (redddit, facebook groups, google trends, adwords keyword planner and such). He also spoke about user needs and how to identify them. Big plus for telling why landing page even before finished product is a good idea.


“10 short advices for Android developers” – by Wojtek Kaliciński (google advocate from London)

Personally I am not the biggest enthusiast of Android and I went on this talk without any expectations. It turned out to be great. Wojtek shared with us 13 cool thoughts on android. Very interesting and nice talk even for non-Android guys.


“Chrome DevTools from inside” by Konrad Dzwinel from brainly

In my opinion this was the best presentation I had chance to attend during DevFest in Warsaw. Konrad spoke a lot about debugging protocole, and things you can do with it. For example you can voice search DOM and modify it. Both Konrad, technology he spoke about, and the whole presentation was superb.

DevFest - Konrad Dzwinel



What went wrong


The biggest minus in my opinion was a lunch break. Connecting lunch break with networking was a cool idea. Unfortunately what looked good on a paper didn’t work so well. The whole concept was great: during registration you received a photo of a pizza and in order to get one you were supposed to find person with the same photo. Then together you were able to get a pizza. Unfortunately the pizza truck was outside the cinema. The service was quite slow. Finally we had to wait on cold for 40minutes. But still I liked the idea a lot.



Was it worth coming?


Sadly I had to leave earlier so I was unable to attend all the talks, but all in all the whole event was nice. Organizers did a great job (the biggest minus was lunch break and food), but everything apart from that was well prepared and organized. Talks were interesting. All the speakers were professional and prepared. I liked the diversity of talks. One were light and funny, other ones were techy and informational. In my opinion no one could be bored. Also the attendance level was good – a lot of great people, so the atmosphere of the whole event was nice and friendly.

Based on this year event I am sure that I will be present on next DevFest and can recommend it to anyone interested. I would like to thank all the organizers, speakers and people I’ve met. It was a pleasure, you did a great job.

Google Dev Fest




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