PrimeModule redesign. When and why you should do it.

Refreshing our brand and redesign of our website

At the end of the year we have decided that it is finally time to make some changes. Since the start, PrimeModule has been growing and became more and more experienced. We wanted to showcase that we are professionals, and partner for both corporate and creative big players. Our previous identity was young and fresh. But we got a little bit older and while still being creative and extraordinary we wanted to be associated with experience and professionalism. Still we didn’t want to get rid of our “story”. That is why we have decided to make it an evolution not a revolution. We think that small steps leads to great victories, so we decided to take a small but innovative step.




Our approach and PrimeModule story


Through our first years we have proved ourselves and our clients that we can create extraordinary things. Nowadays with the team of ten we are big enough to face the biggest challenges, and be a partner for big companies. On the other hand we are small enough to be quick, creative, agile and innovative. We do not spend time on pointless meetings or reporting. Our small and flat team is like a crew of sailors. Big enough to compete with the biggest but much more agile, flexible and still fun to work for and work with. It was hard to create brand identity and suitable website that would express all this and still be consistent to our previous look and history. As I mentioned before we have decided to evolve and not to revolutionize our image. That is why we kept the turquoise-grey color scheme and Helvetica as a main font for our documents.



Logo evolution


As you can see our logo consist of an emblem and logotype. With our evolutionary approach we didn’t want to lose any of these elements. It is great for us to be able to use them together or alone depending on our needs. Nowadays PrimeModule is much more well-organized. That is why we chose to use a much more simpler font.


We used Jaapokki with some custom edits to make it more special and suited. It is more techy and constant which greatly transfers all our values and priorities. Also we wanted our emblem to be easy to remember and easy to associate with our name. “Prime”: first in excellence, quality and “Module”: component of a system or construction that is designed for easy assembly or flexible use. We think that transfers greatly in our logo.

We have also created a flat version, negative version and monochromatic one which you can see below.




Redesigning the website


At first, we didn’t want to make big changes in the layout. Later, our changes turned out to be pretty significant. First of all, due to the fact that the most popular screen resolution in 2014-2015 was 1366x768px, and other in the top five were similar or even bigger, we decided to change our website main width from 966 to 1180 px. This adjustment was crucial when it comes to the layout because increasing width allowed us to play with schemes and develop visually attractive, up-to-date solution. Furthermore we based our projects on 12-column grid. What is the most important, it provided us an easier way to bring the RWD solutions.

primemodule website preview set

As I mentioned, we wanted to softly refresh the look of the site. Main menu was almost unchanged, although we made it float. Generally, main aim was to standardize layouts of the subpages. We decided to create similar headers based on turquoise-hued photo and slogan corresponding with the subject of the site. Fonts were reduced to main four sizes of similar thickness and the new set of icons was created. Animating those icons was super fun and made our website dynamic and while being simple – visually attractive.

primemodule logo animations

Subpages: About and Carriers were parts that required the biggest rethinking. We wanted them to be really appealing and to transfer our values and thoughts. Also we are very proud of our work and our clients that is why we wanted them to stand out. Testimonials were introduced.


Because of the PrimeModule grow, as there is more of us, we had to get a completely new idea of About page. We wanted to signal that our team is a group of friends, that have fun not only during work. We added Instagram feed, which shows social life of our firm. Additionally we placed info about Łódź – very underrated city, where PrimeModule is located.


Important changes were introduced in Carriers section. Actually, we designed this part from scratch. Beside description of the positions to take, our values and benefits, we created simple timeline. We marked significant milestones to show our story to potential coworkers. It demonstrates that we are still growing and joining us is a great idea.

We also introduced case study pages. We agreed that the style of case studies should be different from the rest of the website. We wanted to create exceptional design for every one of them, because the process of forming these projects was unique. The idea was to create encouraging for scrolling and visually beautiful long pages, which parts would smoothly interfuse.

can i rank case study

1000cookbooks case study

All in all we have managed to create a website appealing both to potential clients and coworkers. Now PrimeModule is easily associated with the best quality, agile team, and fun place to work and live.





This was a great process for us. It was not an easy one but it leaded to great effects. We had an opportunity to rethink our brand and to think about our place on the market, our goals and plans. We are happy that we are entering 16’ with the new image which is more suitable and more loyal, and honest to our company, and people behind it. If you are thinking about redesigning your brand – do not hesitate to. But also don’t rush it. Let your company show its image to you and have some time for rethinking what you want to achieve.





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