Hot or not – is your website trendy? Check it out with our list.

Website design trends in 2016 derive from previous years. They are primarily variations of typography, photography, animation and graphics. If you ask yourself: “Is my website hot or not?” you can check it out with our list:




In recent years website design has mainly focused on typography. In addition to its obvious function, communication, it has also become one of the main ornaments of the website. Compositions created from the combination of interesting typography and unique graphics are actually the basis of the projects of most pages. However, this is a trend that continues to grow and we won’t abandon it in 2016.

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We all know that picture is worth a thousand words. This explains its omnipresence in design. If we use big photo as a background, we should keep other elements of the page in minimalistic style.

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One of a kind appearance of the web page can be also achieved by using good graphics and drawings. For many years we have observed the advantage of graphics over text, and this trend results from that phenomenon. Icons, and infographics became the basis of communication and they are more easily remembered than text. Therefore, we should try to provide all the information in a graphical way.

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Bearing in mind that motion attracts users attention the most, in 2016 we focus on animation. Nevertheless, some moderation is required – We should keep the viewers’ attention focused on the presentation and not on fast and incomprehensible actions on the website.

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Video in the background of the page is a great diversion. It draws attention and is perfect for storytelling. Videos in 360 degrees have a value per se. Viewers are put in the middle of the action and can enjoy the experience even more. In this trend we should also show some restraint. Users get easily bored with overlong videos.



Screen Division


After the card layout, it’s time for screen division. We can divide the screen into 2, 3 or 4 independent parts. This kind of arrangement allows us to leave one part static. These solution has pros and cons, but undoubtedly it is becoming one of the trends.



Flat/Material Design


Material design has become an absolute basis of web design since Google introduced Material Design back in 2014. Two years later, we still don’t part with its principles.

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Menu and navigation have underwent various transformations. There are several solutions on the menu appearance, like hamburger menu or navigation at the bottom of the screen. However, we stick with to the classic menu and its functionality.

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Storytelling gives the company a unique character. One – page layouts allow users to study all the information on the page in the order desired by the company. This gives us interesting possibilities for self-presentation and ensures convenience for users.




Curio: Swiss style


Most of the current design trends are based on the trend called Swiss style. This style became popular in the 1950s and originate from Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. Its main features are: minimalism, geometry and a unique combination of colors. This style focuses on typography (sans serif fonts) and photography – especially black and white. The use of grid (vertical and horizontal) is the most recognizable characteristic of this style. Examples of Swiss -style show how contemporary artists draw inspiration from this movement.

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