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we are more than happy to finally share our blog with you.



About PrimeBlog


PrimeBlog is a great place for you to be up to date with the top-notch articles about design and development. Whole PrimeModule team would like to share with you their thoughts on frontend, backend, UI/UX, web conferences.

From time to time we will also post here about our special events such as trainings for students prepared with the “mlodzi w lodzi” programme or our newest job postings.

Right now you can check some of our designs on dribbble and also go behind the scene of our software house on instagram.



Founded in 2014 by Marcin Wieprzkiewicz and Krzysztof Wyrzykowski, both great web developers and technical leaders behind the projects for Google, Nissan, Thomson Reuters and others PrimeModule is a quality driven software house. We are based in Lodz, Poland, with the team of 10, working for the greatest companies around the globe. We specialize in both web and mobile application design and development. We believe in modern technologies and innovation that is why we are always one step ahead of industry bringing you the best quality and the newest solutions. We understand business and care about your needs, we value people and product before the process and project.




Paweł Cichoń on sabemail
Paweł Cichoń
Manager at PrimeModule
Huge fan of cars, bikes, art and boring movies. I have gazillion thoughts each minute, apart from that I ride supermoto and paint pop-art.

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