Being a sponsor – what we gave, what we got from “Mlodzi w Lodzi” programme.

Last week we had pleasure, as a sponsor, to attended the final gala of “Mlodzi w Lodzi – I have an idea for business”. It is a part of the program created in order to encourage and help young people to develop their careers and businesses in Lodz. This year we participated by organizing workshops, courses, summer internships and sponsoring. We wrote about our motivations behind this decision in one of our blog’s notes: “Running responsible business, Mlodzi w Lodzi”.

It was our debut as a sponsor ande already know that it doesn’t end here. In this note we would like share with you our observations regarding this topic and convince you that supporting other’s ideas is a great opportunity for own growth.



A source of responsibility and inspiration.


Being a sponsor in „Mlodzi w Lodzi” contest is something more than founding prizes. All sponsors get a request to judge submitted ideas and choose the winners. Maybe it sounds trivial but it isn’t. This year 146 projects were submitted and 59 were qualified to the next stage, deemed as having a big business potential. These figures show how much creativity lies in young inhabitants of the third largest city in Poland. The competitors where excellently prepared and were characterized by an unusual diversity. The ideas concerned many trades and this factor only made the assessment really challenging. You cold notice determination and passion of the participants and their hope that the jury could help make their dreams come true. It was a big responsibility for us. That’s why the committee deliberations were an emotional and intellectual effort. Familiarizing ourselves with such a blend of entrepreneurship, temperaments and originality proved to be amazingly inspirational. Following different styles of thinking makes you come up with your own resources for creative use. Among the jury everyone had his favorite entry, so the discussion was heated. It can be seen in the fact that over 60% of the business plans got  an award or a distinction. As it turned out, the verdict of the sponsor panel differed from the opinions of the expert panel that conducted the preselection.

While choosing laureates, we wanted to make sure that Lodz as the city itself would profit form having a business like that and we probably managed to do so. For us, half of the project seemed very promising. A few of them seem to be heading for a big international  success. Among them are two propositions that were awarded with PrimaModule founded prizes.



One One Lab and The Workshop of transport design.


One One Lab is the work of Jacek Chrzanowski, a graduate from Academy of Arts in Lodz. After his further education in Italy, he came back to his roots and opened a studio designing cars and other vehicles. It gained fame through its project of luxury, futuristic sporting car Syrma Hypersport Concept. The car met with enthusiastic reactions in the Geneva Motoshow 2015. Numerous business partners got interested in his ideas/talent. PrimeModule as a special prize will create a modern landing page for One One Lab, we will make sure it will be equal to Syrma’s visionary and allow the studio to rival with the best international competitors.



RAW 001 – The safe motor backpack project.


The project’s author proposed to create an innovative backpack, which will be able to answer to all needs of a modern motorcyclist. The key is the diversification of size the shell, depending on user’s needs, and a possibility to install a water providing system, which works during the ride. Among the PrimeModule’s crew are a few fervent motorbike fans and this is the reason why we understood and appreciated the solutions made up by their author Mateusz Lazarek. Mateusz will be provided with our marketing and brand identity mentoring.



Supporting other is a great investement


Participation in the programme „Mlodzi w Lodzi” was an unusual experience for us. It convinced us that helping others is both an investment in common good and directly in oneself. We learn the most from each other. The clash of different fields, different paradigms is especially  creative. The worst thing that can happen to innovation is being jealous about  the creative power of other people. Meanwhile, delight opens both heart and mind. We were delighted. Now, an exciting work with two unique projects awaits us. We will give our involvement, and in exchange we will get a possibility to grow and share in someone success.  We will put in 100% effort, so the final result will be a reason for pride for us and for our partners. Check us out in a while! We promise, it will be worth it.


–>How all of it have started? Read about it here.<–


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