Arena Design 2016

Recently (08.03.16-11.03.16) I had great opportunity to participate in Arena Design. For the eighth time in Poznan, Arena Design brought together people interested in design. This year main topic was Project – Process – Product.


During Arena Design business meets design, young designers can meet and learn from their experienced colleagues, and companies can introduce their newest products. In those days Arena Design holds a lot of lectures, workshops, discussions, contests and even exhibition of young designers graduation projects. We at PrimeModule love to take part in those kind of events because we can get some perspective, learn new things from other creative industries and just have fun. In my opinion taking part in events which are not specifically connected to your business can help your work a lot. Nowadays Arena design is accompanied by the greatest furniture fair in Poland – Meble Polska – and the interior furnishing fair Home Decor, which is really cool idea. It all just connects and coexists naturally.

The whole Arena Design exhibition was divided into 5 sub-exhibitions. It was a very logic and good solution. It helped visitors not to get lost and find the most interesting things for them. Those thematic zones were: forum, top design, innovations, the creative and education.

Basically the forum part are workshops and conferences run by Polish and foreign experts. This year special guest was Inga Sempé.

All those speeches touched really broad subjects such as: promoting your designs through instagram, upcoming trends in design, online shopping and customer behaviors.

In other exhibitions such as innovations, creative or education, you were able to see the most interesting designs by both professionals and students. Top Design was exhibition of the winners in the Top Design award competition.





For me the forum was the most interesting and major zone during the whole event.

Special guest Inga Sempé in her “Making some objects” lecture spoke about her everyday work and her projects. The latest ones and the most popular ones. She tried to convince us that it is the best to work for normal people not for rock stars. She underlined that functionality is crucial in the process of design.

Another interesting speech was “Ś.P. Design”  by Zuzanna Skalska. Famous trendwatcher spoke about responsible design and about the consequences of not doing that. Zuzanna Skalska claimed that design is beyond its definition and nowadays we should speak about creative business. The whole lecture was very spontaneous and extraordinary. It made audience think which was great. Trendwatcher told us that designing objects or public spaces is mostly designing emotions, and feelings of future users.

Other talks were about digital patterns, sayduck – application which uses augmented reality, video trends on the web and many more.



Top Design award


Another zone which is worth mentioning is Top Design award which is very prestigious award in the design world and one of the main points of each Arena Design. Top Design award promotes projects which are extraordinary in terms of quality, functionality or design. Contest is run in a few different categories such as: motorization, transportation, interior.





Arena Design consists not only of lectures and exhibitions. During this event there are a lot of great workshops for visitors. Speaking about workshops, I have to mention about great one by Wiesław Bartkowski and Krzysztof Goliński. “Kod tworzywem projektanta” (code is a designers material) was a great workshop about designing which can be interdisciplinary process. We were taught about creative coding, and processing – language used by designers ( (if you are JavaScript guy like me, you can use library processing.js or p5.js). Currently creative coding is not only generative art but also data exploration and visualization. You can sketch with your code and interact with it. It was great to see how you can sketch your ideas through code which is limitless compared to Photoshop.





To sum up I think that Arena Design is superb event that is not only well organized but also opens up your mind. Lectures are interesting and intriguing, workshops are worth participating and all exhibitions both from students, professionals and companies are worth seeing. Those days are fulfilled with passion and I think that people from slightly different industry like us (PrimeModule is basically production software house) can learn a lot and should attend those type of events. “It is creative business” and i think that nowadays we can learn a lot from each other. In interactive digital world we can learn from architects, and they can learn a lot from us. Below you can find some photos from the event.












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