7 trends in mobile (apps) in 2016

Mobile is evolving. More and more people are browsing internet using mobile devices and that’s why designers and e-commerce specialists have to constantly develop new features that will be more user-centric.

Let’s take a quick look on what to focus in 2016:


Mobile is the new desktop



In 2015 over a third part of overall internet traffic came from mobile phones. That shows how important the mobile-friendly websites are. If we want our web page to be successful, we shouldn’t disregard mobile users. Also Google changed its Pagerank algorithm and put a lot more focus on mobile version of websites. According to studies, we spend more time on mobile browsing the web than on desktop.



Customized content for different devices



Last years responsive adaptation of one version of website was the most common solution for making it accessible on mobile devices. And while it’s still good solution for landing and information pages, the applications require more customization. Mobile users need tailor-made products which focus on their needs. Making the most out of mobile platforms without feature overflow is crucial and we should keep that in mind.

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Stand-alone apps


If the web application is complex, it’s better to create a stand-alone mobile app for it, rather than persistently focus on web app personalization. Stand-alone applications run smoother, provide better usability and are great in terms of advertising. Having an icon on the home screen also makes users remember your product.



Once hated, now loved – vertical videos


Recording vertical videos didn’t make any sense during past years. Many users hated videos shoot in vertical mode. The reason was simple – we watched them usually on computer screens, which were are horizontal-oriented. However, nowadays we use mobile phones for video content more and more frequently and vertical aspect of videos seems to fit mobile screens very well. Many companies started to use that kind of videos in their ads focused on mobile users. Take a look at this recent vertical Jeep SuperBowl 2016 Commercial:




The most trendy social app is thriving and advertisers know that. Snapchat is a great place to post ads directed to young people. Facebook is no longer associated with generation Z – nowadays everyone uses it. Snapchat took over the iGeneration.



Gesture-focused design


Gestures will become even more important part of mobile application design. We should expect new and creative ideas for gestures to create fluid and user-friendly interface. Swipe is most likely going to be the gesture king. This tendency will decrease the overall number of buttons used in app.



Smooth transitions and animations


We are expecting to see smooth and eye-candy animations implemented in mobile applications. They won’t play the first fiddle, though. We will see them as small, but eye-catching accents. Animations will not be there just for themselves. They will have a meaning and help user to understand the interface and app environment better and in a funnier way.

–>Here is a tutorial how tu create smooth animations<–



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